“This college will be one of the most powerful means of doing good in this country…”

– Fr. Edward Sorin

This year marks the 175th Anniversary of the University of Notre of Notre Dame– my alma mater.  It is a place that grounds me and energizes me each time I visit. Upon reflection, I sought what creates this differentiator. The visit reminded me of their commitment to values and commitment to a vision “for good” in an unstable world as referenced by founder Fr. Edward Sorin, in a letter shaping that vision 175 years ago.

It’s that commitment to service to a community founded on an unyielding character that differentiates leaders. Creating success not just for yourself, but for a greater community. We must recognize that knowledge and prestige is nothing without character. It’s something you share. It’s something you fight for. This commitment to is what will help shape our world.

As we lead our organizations, our families, our communities, we must ask ourselves: How we will choose to give back or lead? What will be our differentiator? What will be the cornerstone of unwavering commitment to truth or justice?

Or as this University has coined so well in the work they do and the students they shape:

What would you fight for? This series showcases the work, scholarly achievements, and global impact of Notre Dame faculty, students, and alumni highlighting the University’s proud moniker, the Fighting Irish, and tell the stories of the members of the Notre Dame family who fight to bring solutions to a world in need. One of the most recent focused on The Zika virus and solutions for poverty in Kenya.

Whatever it is that drives you to bring goodness – use it as inspiration to share a part of your talents beyond every day and in your community.

Be an unyielding force for good.

Note: We plan to use our blog to focus on the community—because it is a part of all we are and all we do.  – Timi Aguilar