Provide strategic messaging and public affairs support for the Hispanic Contractors of Colorado, including crisis communications and new program support during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 which had significant impacts on the construction industry.  Launch a new brand and messaging for HCC Contractor Academy for the launch of its new scaling program around the 30th anniversary of the Hispanic Contractors of Colorado Banquet event.


Aguilar PR created strategic messaging, programs development and messaging for the Hispanic Contractors of Colorado during the COVID-19 pandemic and throughout 2020, which had a significant impact on essential workers in the construction industry.  We helped create new ways for HCC to serve small businesses and provide resources during the pandemic, including webinars, rapid response tactics to serve large and small businesses, safety plans and general PR strategy and implantation. 

HCC Contractor Academy (HCC CA) revealed its new brand and messaging with the help of Aguilar PR in February 2020, raising almost $80,000. 

Aguilar PR provides overall support in a new online world of communication by creating strategic content for newly launched HCC and HCC Contractor Academy websites, fact sheets, video and communications materials and more.  In November and December, Aguilar PR has led strategic planning sessions for boards of directors of HCC and HCC CA.